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Breakfast Menu, served all day

Sausage, Bacon, Beans, Grilled Tomato, Poached or Scrambled Eggs, with Toast and Marmalade, Tea or Coffee                                                           6.50         

Scrambled Eggs on Toast                                                                             3.90         

Scrambled Eggs & Smoked Salmon on Toast                                            5.25          

Poached Eggs on Toast                                                                                 3.90          

Baked Beans on Toast                                                                                   3.50          

Bacon Baguette or Sandwich                                                                       4.10

Bacon Baguette with Brie or Stilton                                                            4.95

Sausage Baguette or Sandwich -  add onions                                              3.95                  

Toast – white or wholemeal                                                      (per slice)    .50

Porridge made with milk and cream, add a swirl of honey or jam            3.25

Snacks on Toast

Cheese on Toast - Cheddar and Red Leicester                                           3.50

Sardines on Toast                                                                                          3.50

Welsh Rabbit – cheese mixed with a little mustard and beer on toast      4.10                                                                

Creamed Mushrooms – made with a garlic and cream sauce                    4.50

Jacket Potatoes

Cheese or Beans                                                                                             5.75

Tuna, Coronation Chicken or Prawns                                                         6.00


Ham, Cheese or Mushroom Omelette with mixed salad                           6.10 




Served with salad garnish and crisps

                       Prawns                                                                                   4.00

                                      Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese                                  4.25

                                      Chicken and Stuffing                                                          4.00       

                                      Home Cooked Ham                                                            4.00

                                      Mature Cheddar                                                                  3.90

                                      Tuna Mayonnaise                                                                3.90

                                      Cream Cheese and Cucumber                                           3.75

                                      Egg and Cress                                                                      3.75   

                                                         Add chutney, Mustard or Cranberry Relish

                                      Club Sandwich – Chicken and Lettuce,

                                                                     Bacon and Tomato                               6.25

                                                                       Toasted Sandwiches

                                     Cheese with either Ham, Onion or Tomato

                                        Served with mixed salad and coleslaw                             5.75


                                                                         Light Lunches

                                      Ham & Eggs – Home Cooked Ham, 2 Poached Eggs with a

                                                  Crusty Baguette and Salad                                      6.50

                                       Ploughman’s Lunch – Ham or Cheese served with Salad,

                                              Pickles and Crusty Baguette                                       6.50

                                       Buck Rabbit – Cheese on Toast with a Poached Egg,

                                              Served with salad                                                         4.95

                                       Home Made Soup of the Day with Crusty Baguette       4.25




                Pot of Tea per person                                                                               1.40

                Loose Leaf Tea             English Breakfast Tea                                       1.70 

                                                  Assam – for a fuller flavour                                    1.70

                                                  Earl Grey – light and fragrant                               1.70

                 Selection of Fruit Teas                                                                            1.70

                 Other bagged teas are available, please ask                                            1.70

                 Filter Coffee                                                                                             1.60

                 Cafetiere of Coffee – per person                                                             1.85

                                   Mild, Medium or Strong blend available                            2.10

                 Café Latte                                                                                                 2.10

                 Cappuccino                                                                                              2.10

                 Decaffeinated Tea and Coffee also available

                 Hot Chocolate                                                                                           1.85

                 Hot Chocolate with Cream and Marshmallows                                    2.10

                 Apple or Orange Juice                                                                             1.50

                 Coke, Diet Coke and Sprite                                                                    1.50

                 Elderflower or Ginger & Lemongrass Fizz                                           2.10

                 Fruit Squash – Orange or Blackcurrant                    Small                    .35

                                                                                                        Large                    .60

                Glass of Milk                                                                 Small                     .75

                                                                                                       Large                    1.50





                                                                  Teapots Treats

        Simple Afternoon Tea - sandwich of your choice with homemade scone,

              jam and cream served with a pot of tea or coffee                                6.75

       Cream Tea – 2 homemade scones with jam and cream

              and a pot of tea or coffee                                                                        4.75

       Toasted Teacake or 2 Crumpets with butter                                              1.90

       Scones – homemade scone with butter (add jam or cream 25p extra)     1.50

       Cheese Scone with butter                                                                            1.70        

       Pancakes    Lemon and Sugar                                                                     2.75

                           Chocolate Sauce                                                                        3.25

                           Toffee Apple                                                                                       4.35

                            Cherry and Ice-cream                                                              4.25

            Varied Selection of Homemade Cakes available                      from  2.00

Special Afternoon Tea by booking only

            A Special Afternoon Tea Treat consists of a selection of 5 finger sandwiches, home baked cakes, scone with jam and cream and small pastries.

                                                          13.50 per person

However, we can provide a modified Special Afternoon Tea, if you haven’t booked, of finger sandwiches, scone with jam and cream and a cake from our cabinet

11.50 per person


We cater for larger parties such as birthdays or family gatherings. Please ask for details.

Gift Vouchers available

Gluten free sandwiches, scones, pancakes and cakes are available.


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